Exciting Update + a Crazy Twist

I actually have some cool news. A few weeks ago, I heard about Madness! Poetry, a children’s poetry competition. I applied by writing a poem based on a prompt, and I was selected to be in the tournament. 64 bracketed “authletes” compete head-to-head throughout the month of March à la NCAA March Madness. This Sunday,... Continue Reading →

February Update

February has been a good writing month despite the last week being a bit emotionally rocky. I don’t know if it’s postpartum, or just my normal ups and downs, but I’ve been a bit rough, and that’s okay. Overall, I am super happy with my progress. I am slowly finding ways to make time to... Continue Reading →

The Sweet Reception of Rejection

So it is official! I have heard back from two publishing houses thus far (David Fickling Books and Boyds Mills Press). Drum roll please.....both form rejections! If it seems like I am excited, it is because I am. Is it a bummer to be rejected? Sort of. But in all honesty, it just feels good... Continue Reading →

Facing the Fear of Rejection

Well, I finally did it. After prodding and poking my Sam the Bedlamite manuscript, I decided it was time to get it out there. By "out there" I mean submitting it to the publishers, 12 in total. I researched a bunch about all the publishing houses, and I hope that at least one of the 12... Continue Reading →

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