November Goals 2017 – AKA Heck Yes!

So guess who completed every single day of Inktober? This girl! *actual clip of me dancing Yeah, I’m just a little proud of that one. It wasn’t easy, especially towards the middle of the month, but I did it. National Novel Writing Month is up next. Hopefully, I can keep the momentum going. Last Month’s Goals Review Write 5 poems for anthology (I just couldn’t crack it and the deadline has now passed. Cue sad trombone music) Outline 5 chapter books (well, this kind of happened. But not all 5…) Finish RIP reading challenge (finished 3 of the 6, still working my way … Continue reading November Goals 2017 – AKA Heck Yes!

September Writing Goals

Another busy month has come and gone. Things were especially hectic with school starting back up for my daughter, and my husband teaching again this semester. We’re starting to get into the groove though, so that is good. Before I do my usual recap, here are a few highlights from August that weren’t originally listed in my goals for the month I submitted two poems to some children’s magazines I applied to be a Cybils judge I joined NetGalley so I can start receiving and reviewing ARC (advance reader copies of books) I didn’t do too bad on my August … Continue reading September Writing Goals

March Writing Update

So I normally don’t toot my own horn, but I’m quite proud of myself. I hit every single one of my writing goals that I set last month. How about them apples! The biggest highlight of the month was participating in Madness! Poetry. What an absolute blast. I ended up losing in the 2nd round to a really good poet. But my poem about a dinosaur salon still won the kids’ vote, so I’m really happy about that. I would love to participate next year. Currently, the ‘Elite Eight’ are battling it out and voting is open. If you have a … Continue reading March Writing Update

NaNoWriMo Prep

It’s that time of year again! NanoWrimo! I always get a little excited at the possibility of drafting an entire novel in 30 days. I’ve tried the whole “pantsing” thing and I stink at it. I guess I like to know where my story is going ahead of time—even if I just use a loose outline. I already have my entire NanoWrimo novel outlined and ready to go for next month. My book idea is the same as last year’s: a girl visits Arches National Park with her family and discovers that the arches are actually portals to another world. … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Prep

Update + Some Inspiration

My march writing goals are going along quite well, although they have been slightly revised. John and I have restructured how we’re approaching Mobster Monsters–we’re sitting down and hashing out what each letter will be. This way I’m not writing a limerick that his illustrations have to conform to, and he’s not illustrating something that I then have to write a limerick for. We have our pow wow and then break, with each of us knowing what to do for each letter. So far, we have reached the letter K. So my revised goal for March is to get through … Continue reading Update + Some Inspiration

Jumping Back into the Fire

My little break from writing has proven to be restful and chaotic at the same time. Our cruise was fantastic–and, yes, we did go into the Bermuda Triangle. We also made a last minute decision to move back to my hometown in Florida for the rest of the summer. I am enjoying being around family and friends. I am also excited to start back in on my writing. And what better way to do that than Camp NaNoWriMo! I’ll be attempting 50,000 words in the next 31 days. I’ve done very little prep for the story–some kids run into the … Continue reading Jumping Back into the Fire

Quick Update

Life has taken over again, and thus I have fallen off the writing bandwagon. But its time to get up and dust myself off. A quick update as to my writings: I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time last November. I decided that I would try something totally different and not plan out my novel. I started with a germ of an idea and on November 1st, I just started writing! This exercise taught me that I just do not work that way! I only clocked about 1,500 words. Abysmal, I know, but it was 1,500 more than I had on … Continue reading Quick Update