September Writing Goals

Another busy month has come and gone. Things were especially hectic with school starting back up for my daughter, and my husband teaching again this semester. We’re starting to get into the groove though, so that is good.

Before I do my usual recap, here are a few highlights from August that weren’t originally listed in my goals for the month

  • I submitted two poems to some children’s magazines
  • I applied to be a Cybils judge
  • I joined NetGalley so I can start receiving and reviewing ARC (advance reader copies of books)

I didn’t do too bad on my August goals. Can’t seem to crack that darn Madam Fang though.

August Goals Review

  • Finish final draft of Madam Fang and submit it for publication and Rising Kite contest (So, I’m almost through the final draft. Rising Kite is due the end of September)
  • Continue weekly book reviews
  • Continue weekly poetry reviews
  • Start working on my Zine (This is due October 1st, so I’ll be hitting this hard in September.)
  • Hold book giveaway
  • Read 3 books
  • Daydream a bit more about potential story ideas

September Goals

  • Read 4 books
  • Continue weekly book reviews
  • Continue weekly poetry reviews
  • Submit to poetry anthology
  • Submit freaking Madam Fang already
  • Finish Zine
  • Hold Book Giveaway
  • Pick and start outlining my NaNoWriMo book
So there you have it! Another month in the books. What are some of your goals for the upcoming month?

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