2018 Writing Sucesses

It's that time of year again where resolutions start popping up everywhere. I actually enjoy making New Year's resolutions, but I approach them like any other goal I may make during the year. I know that I won't be perfect and that they are things to constantly strive towards--not something to just give up on... Continue Reading →

Zines Zines Zines!

I just received the first batch of zines for the upcoming Zine Swap! Jazlyn sent me these beautiful little booklets with an illustrated short story.   I'd love to have a few (or a lot) more people participate. Zines are fun and easy to do. The theme is Autumn/Fall. Make a zine of your illustrations.... Continue Reading →

Supporting Authors

I love to read. Always have and hopefully always will. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy very many books (thank goodness for libraries). But this leaves me wondering: how I can support my favorite authors? I want them to be successful, so they can continue to feed my habit. https://widget-prime.rafflecopter.com/launch.js I ran across this article a... Continue Reading →

Depression Sucks–Part II

This past Saturday, I wrote a post about being in the throes of depression. I wrote it mostly as a way to vent a little and maybe as a way to feel a little better. By Monday, I was on the mend, and today I feel like my normal self. Whee. Who knows how long it'll... Continue Reading →

Depression Sucks

Well, that’s a duh statement. Depression. Sucks. Depression can come because of some outside influence: you’re sick, your favorite basketball team lost, you’ve lost your job, someone you know passes away. All of these things and so many uncountable others can send a person spiraling, and in some cases, into an extremely harrowing, down to... Continue Reading →

Devious Distractions

I’ve been thinking a lot about what distracts me from writing. Hmmm…I guess thinking about what distracts me from writing is also distracting me from writing, but that’s not the point. The exercise showed me that 90% of the time, it is my own internal struggles that keep me from getting my big butt in... Continue Reading →

John’s on a Jet

My amazing husband, John, flew up to the SCBWI Winter Conference in NYC this weekend. I am super excited for him. Yeah, and maybe a little bit jealous. He loves NYC in the winter and seeing how they just got dumped on, I am sure that he is happily freezing his butt off. I've watched... Continue Reading →

Love Is Stronger Than Strong

Tonight, as I put my 6yo to bed, I asked her what makes our family good? What makes it strong? She looked at me and smiled in a way that implied “Silly Mommy, that’s SO easy.” I asked her what she thought and she replied: “Mom, love is stronger than strong. We love each other.”... Continue Reading →

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