Too Much Filler Crap

Back in January, I noticed that Goodreads had the option of setting up a personal reading challenge for the year. I thought, “Yeah! That would be great.” So I set my goal for 52. Easy peasy–a mere book per week. Now here I am, in week 39, and I have completed 24 books. What the heck? // I guess I’m not too far behind–I only have to read about 1.8 books a week for the remainder of the year. Still though, I look at some of my friends and I think “How on earth do they have the time to … Continue reading Too Much Filler Crap

Post-College Recovery

April has come and gone without a post from me. Hopefully someone found my last post on self-publishing at least interesting if not helpful. The last month has been quite crazy. I finally managed to graduate college! I wasn’t sure if this day would ever come. I also found out that I had Mono for most of the semester! So I haven’t gotten a whole lot of writing in. But that is okay. I am going on vacation this month to just relax and recover from the last couple of months. I’m going on my first cruise at the end … Continue reading Post-College Recovery