Too Much Filler Crap

Back in January, I noticed that Goodreads had the option of setting up a personal reading challenge for the year. I thought, “Yeah! That would be great.” So I set my goal for 52. Easy peasy–a mere book per week. Now here I am, in week 39, and I have completed 24 books. What the heck?


I guess I’m not too far behind–I only have to read about 1.8 books a week for the remainder of the year. Still though, I look at some of my friends and I think “How on earth do they have the time to read so many books?”
One of my friends, Lorren Lemmons, who has an awesome blog that you should totally check out, has already read over 60 books this year! And I know that she doesn’t just sit around all day; she’s a nurse and a mom to a cute little boy. How on earth does she do it? In all honesty, I think she must have super powers or something.
Seriously though, why am I so far behind? When I stop and think about it, the answer comes pretty easily. My life has too much filler crap—Facebook, solitaire, and plants vs zombies to name a few. Why is it so much easier to stare blankly at a screen than do something engaging? If I was thinking correctly, reading wins hands down every time when compared to any of the above things.
It makes me think of Jim Carey as the Riddler from that one Batman movie–the one where he mind controls everyone through their TV. I think my eyes even glow a little green while I’m staring at the screen. Stupid Riddler.

So here’s to kicking the Riddler’s trash and spending more time reading (and writing) for the remainder of the year.


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