Post-College Recovery

April has come and gone without a post from me. Hopefully someone found my last post on self-publishing at least interesting if not helpful. The last month has been quite crazy. I finally managed to graduate college! I wasn’t sure if this day would ever come. I also found out that I had Mono for most of the semester! So I haven’t gotten a whole lot of writing in. But that is okay.

I am going on vacation this month to just relax and recover from the last couple of months. I’m going on my first cruise at the end of May as well. It is with Carnival, so I am hoping to have smooth sailing, especially with all of their recent mishaps. If something does go wrong, however, I hope it is something like blowing into the Bermuda Triangle and sweeping away to some crazy magical location for a day or two. That ought to give me something to write about.

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