November Goals 2017 – AKA Heck Yes!

So guess who completed every single day of Inktober? This girl!
*actual clip of me dancing

Yeah, I’m just a little proud of that one. It wasn’t easy, especially towards the middle of the month, but I did it. National Novel Writing Month is up next. Hopefully, I can keep the momentum going.

Last Month’s Goals Review

  • Write 5 poems for anthology (I just couldn’t crack it and the deadline has now passed. Cue sad trombone music)
  • Outline 5 chapter books (well, this kind of happened. But not all 5…)
  • Finish RIP reading challenge (finished 3 of the 6, still working my way through them)
  • Inktober Poetry (Done done done! See happy dance above)
  • Continue doing Poetry Friday
  • Submit Madam Fang (Yes! I finally submitted it! It is submitable now!!)
All in all, last month wasn’t too shabby. Here’s to a new month and new goals!
November Goals
  • Win NaNoWriMo (hit 50k words)
    • Write 2 chapter books in my Monster Girl Squad series (25k each)
  • Finish reading 3 books
  • Edit Madam Fang back matter (the non-fiction part)
  • Put list of publishers/agents to submit Madam Fang
  • Submit Madam Fang to at least 2 more places

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