The Sweet Reception of Rejection

So it is official! I have heard back from two publishing houses thus far (David Fickling Books and Boyds Mills Press). Drum roll please…..both form rejections! If it seems like I am excited, it is because I am. Is it a bummer to be rejected? Sort of. But in all honesty, it just feels good to know that my work is being read by editors, even if its not their cup of tea.  I am actually proud of myself for getting my stuff out there.

And, besides, there’s still hope. I still have 9 more publishers to hear from. If I would have started this process a few years ago, I probably would have been a bit more sad with these form rejections. Fortunately, I found Jane Yolen’s website where she keeps a loose journal of her happenings.  If you do not know much about Jane Yolen, I can tell you that she is amazing. She has over 300 books published to her name, and has been called the Hans Christian Anderson of the USA. I really enjoy reading the things she posts because I think it’s great insight into the normal life of a great writer. Something that really struck me is how often she receives rejections on books and proposals. After awhile I came to realize that rejection is just part of the game that helps develop thick skin. And I can always use thicker skin.

So bring on those rejections!

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