Exciting Update + a Crazy Twist

I actually have some cool news. A few weeks ago, I heard about Madness! Poetry, a children’s poetry competition. I applied by writing a poem based on a prompt, and I was selected to be in the tournament. 64 bracketed “authletes” compete head-to-head throughout the month of March à la NCAA March Madness.

This Sunday, March 5th, I’ll be assigned a word and I’ll have 36 hours to write a children’s poem. My competitor will do the same. Then kids, other poets, and the masses will vote. I am excited and a bit nervous. Either way, it should be fun and challenging. Hooray for children’s poetry!

It looks like I’ll be competing against Marileta Robinson in the 1st round. I was just perusing her website, and I came across one of her poems that was published in the February issue of Highlights magazine this year. I was floored–guess who illustrated that poem for the issue? My husband! No joke. Seriously, what are the chances? Talk about a small, small world.


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