2019 Reading Reflections

Another year come and gone. And that means another analysis of all the books I read!

I know it’s amazingly nerdy, and probably a bit boring for everyone else, but I so enjoy seeing the breakdown of age ranges, categories and genres all broken down into nice little graphs.

Usually it takes awhile to comb through all of my books to sort and count by hand each genre and type. It got a bit tedious, so last January I had the idea of creating over 20 different shelves on my Goodreads account. I have a shelf for each of the below items and when I finish a book, it goes on my “read” shelf as well as the corresponding other shelves. It adds just a second or two more, but saves me all sorts of time when I am compiling at the end of the year. Then I’ll clear each shelf and be ready to go for 2020.

My goal for 2019 was to read 150 books and I read a total of 171. I also wanted to read at least one novel (MG or above) each week and I ended the year with 54, so I just squeaked by. The graph below shows the break down of the age range of the book I read.

No surprises here. With littles at home, I check out and read tons of picture books. I was surprised that I hadn’t read any chapter books, but I did read a few more early readers than I normally do.

I decided to only look at the books geared towards middle grade and above for the next graph. I feel like “picture books” can both designate the target age range as well as a category of books, and I didn’t want my data to be skewed because of the sheer number of picture books I read last year.

So looking at this data, I realize that, in the future, I should probably switch “craft” and “nonfiction” on these two graphs. Although, I guess that the two broadest categories would be “fiction” and “nonfiction.” But for my purposes, I read so few nonfiction books and almost all of them are on the craft of writing that I feel like it would be a waste to do a graph of just “fiction” and “nonfiction.” But I don’t know–how would you break it up? Any suggestions?

I had a goal to read more horror and I definitely feel like I met that goal. I even found a few horror picture books. I was also surprised and happy to see that I read more science fiction books this year too. I want to continue reading more speculative fiction this year as well.

All of these graphs and data are all probably all overkill, but it makes my little geeky heart happy. Thanks for bearing with me. I’ll be back to my normal Wednesday reviews next week.

Three cheers for another year well read and onward to reading in 2020!

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