Poetry Friday – All About Me Acrostic

It’s Friday! And you know what that means: Poetry! Want to know more about Poetry Friday? Click this link right here. And be sure to check out Sally Murphy’s blog to see this week’s round up of wonderful poetry related posts, blogs and goodness.

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! We’re a little over a week into the new year and I am happy to say that I haven’t given up on any of my resolutions.

My daughter went back to school this week but my three year old has had a cold, so I haven’t accomplish much. But I did get to snuggle lots and watch cartoons on the couch. My husband starts teaching back up next week, and I head to Miami SCBWI next weekend, so we’re both hoping that the cold skips over us. Fingers crossed.

Michelle Barnes has a call out for a few more people to interview for her 2020 Reader Spotlights. I had a blast last October when I got to participate. Michelle made it super easy and it was really fun to see what everyone came up with for my prompt. If you’re interested, head to her post and fill out the questionnaire.

I have been looking for some fun prompts to get my poetry juices flowing and Michelle’s Ditty Challenges came to mind. So over the next little while, I am going to try to go back and answer some of the prompts that I have missed in the past.

Today I am revisiting Jane Whittingham’s DMC Challenge: write an all-about-me acrostic poem. I thought it would be fun to have a sort of theme run through it that also told a little about me (and my penchant for the spooky).

Witchy Ways

Rebecca loves
Enchanting her children with good books at night
Bewitching her family with new recipes
Effortlessly flying along on her skateboard
Cackling at puns and pranks
Carving out time to write each day
Attending to her bearded dragon and tarantula familiars.

© Rebecca Herzog, 2020

17 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – All About Me Acrostic

  1. tarantula familiars! There is one at our butterfly pavilion that my youngest granddaughter loves, though she does not get to have one as a pet. I love your acrostic verbs, Rebecca, fits that spooky vibe well! Happy New Year!

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    1. They are the easiest pet (as long as you don’t mind feeding them live crickets). I have a tiny one now, but it’ll grow to be about 8 inches in a few years.

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  2. Ha! That’s a great response and in perfect keeping with your interview. I love it. Sorry about the cold. Fingers crossed you didn’t get it. It is fun being part of Michelle’s magic! I am always encouraged by her.

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    1. Yes! That is perfect, Tabatha. When I initially started, I was going to have it be more general Halloween themed. And the carving was reference to jack o’ lanterns. But it morphed into a witchy theme so conjuring would be perfect!


    1. Thanks, Sally. I am not sure what made me decide to get tarantulas. One day, I was researching something and fell down the “tarantula hobby” hole and just made a spontaneous decision. They’re really fun, but a little creepy too. 🙂


  3. What a fun introduction! I’m not sure I want a tarantula of my own, but I’d enjoy admiring yours! Hope the bugs of the viral kind stay far away from you!

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  4. Rebecca, thanks for reminding me that I need to get back to Michelle. Your introduction is in keeping with all of your passions, especially the love of all things spooky. Enjoy your conference and keep on snuggling with your little ones.

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