LtUE: Day 3 + Final Thoughts

I hope that you have enjoyed my recap of LtUE thus far. Today I’m going to wrap up the final day and my overall impressions of the conference. I only went to one panel on Saturday and it was on the Pros and Cons of Self-publishing. My thoughts and views on self-publishing have come a long way in the last year thanks to last February’s LtUE. You can read about just how big of a 180 I made in this post. Basically, self-publishing can be pretty awesome. There are definite drawbacks, but some pretty sweet payoffs as well. For me, … Continue reading LtUE: Day 3 + Final Thoughts

LtUE: Day 2

So hopefully I can take a few more minutes on this post as I was running between workshops during the Thursday recap which can be seen here. Hence it was a bit rushed. LtUE  wrapped up yesterday. I will be doing a recap of yesterday’s workshops in th next few days as well as an overall LtUE review. Look for that soon. Friday was Valentine’s Day and my loving husband worked from home so that I could go to a full day of workshops and panels. I learned all sorts of things, but below are a few of my favorite … Continue reading LtUE: Day 2

LTUE: Day 1

LTUE is here again! Last year was a blast, and this year is going great so far. There are still 2 more days to go, so if you have some time, stop on by. Below is a quick recap of the first day. I got to meet and chat with some great artists and authors. Jess Smart Smiley has some exciting things that he is working on, and Michaelbrent Collings is nominated for a few Bram Stoker awards. Winning a Bram Stoker is one of my dreams, so I was cool to meet him. I also went to some great panels and … Continue reading LTUE: Day 1

Jumping Back into the Fire

My little break from writing has proven to be restful and chaotic at the same time. Our cruise was fantastic–and, yes, we did go into the Bermuda Triangle. We also made a last minute decision to move back to my hometown in Florida for the rest of the summer. I am enjoying being around family and friends. I am also excited to start back in on my writing. And what better way to do that than Camp NaNoWriMo! I’ll be attempting 50,000 words in the next 31 days. I’ve done very little prep for the story–some kids run into the … Continue reading Jumping Back into the Fire

A Bit on Self-Publishing

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend an awesome writing symposium. I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was my first venture into any sort of writing conference. As stated in the last few posts, I had a great time and I learned a ton. I think the thing that stuck in my ribs the most was the information on self-publishing. For me, self-publishing went from being something to be snubbed and looked down upon to something to be enthusiastically excited about possibly trying. I wholeheartedly and sincerely apologize and repent of my former feelings. Now, I am … Continue reading A Bit on Self-Publishing

LtUE Symposium: In Review (part 2)

Hello again! This post will be the second part of my review of the Life, the Universe & Everything Symposium. The first part of the review can be found here. So as I stated in the previous post, this part of the review will focus on some of the stuff that I learned at the symposium–and boy, was there a lot! It was the first writing symposium/conference that I have ever been to. I am grateful that I remembered to bring my writing notebook and pen because there is no way that I would have remembered all of the wonderful things … Continue reading LtUE Symposium: In Review (part 2)

LtUE Symposium: in Review (part 1)

This past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I had the fantastic opportunity to attend the Life, the Universe, & Everything Sci-Fi and Fantasy symposium. The symposium was chock-full of panels, workshops and presentations by authors, publishers and sci-fi/fantasy gurus. According to their site, LTUE is the longest, student run symposium of its nature in the nation. Pretty cool, huh? I was fortunate to hear about the symposium on Twitter a little over a week before it started. I hopped onto the site and found out that, as a student, I could attend for free! I had no idea what the conference really was, just that … Continue reading LtUE Symposium: in Review (part 1)

Quick Update

Life has taken over again, and thus I have fallen off the writing bandwagon. But its time to get up and dust myself off. A quick update as to my writings: I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time last November. I decided that I would try something totally different and not plan out my novel. I started with a germ of an idea and on November 1st, I just started writing! This exercise taught me that I just do not work that way! I only clocked about 1,500 words. Abysmal, I know, but it was 1,500 more than I had on … Continue reading Quick Update

The Sweet Reception of Rejection

So it is official! I have heard back from two publishing houses thus far (David Fickling Books and Boyds Mills Press). Drum roll please…..both form rejections! If it seems like I am excited, it is because I am. Is it a bummer to be rejected? Sort of. But in all honesty, it just feels good to know that my work is being read by editors, even if its not their cup of tea.  I am actually proud of myself for getting my stuff out there. And, besides, there’s still hope. I still have 9 more publishers to hear from. If … Continue reading The Sweet Reception of Rejection

Facing the Fear of Rejection

Well, I finally did it. After prodding and poking my Sam the Bedlamite manuscript, I decided it was time to get it out there. By “out there” I mean submitting it to the publishers, 12 in total. I researched a bunch about all the publishing houses, and I hope that at least one of the 12 is a good fit for my little picture book. But I’ll have to wait and see. This is my first time around the block, after all. I’ve decided to pretty much forget that I sent it off, and then be surprised and excited to hear … Continue reading Facing the Fear of Rejection