August Writing Goals

Whoa. So July went by super fast. I have been having so much fun posting book reviews and writing a bit of poetry, that I forgot to give an update on how my writing goals went for July. Overall, I am pretty happy. There’s always room for improvement, but that is life. So, without further ado, here’s the update! July Goals Review: Finish final draft of Madam Fang and submit it (Oops…yeah, I dropped the ball.) Write 2 instagram poems (I have successfully posted poetry every week for the last 4 weeks!) Write book review (Yup. Lots) Run book giveaway (Heck yes! And there’s another going … Continue reading August Writing Goals

Why I’m Glad I Attended the SCBWI Mid-Year Workshop

So the SCBWI 46th Annual Summer Conference kicks off this weekend and I thought it would be a great time to recap the regional conference John and I went to last month. Let’s just say that we had such a blast in Orlando that we’ve now set a goal to attend the big conference in LA next summer. For those who don’t know, SCBWI is the largest children’s writing organization in the world. Basically, it is a nonprofit that facilitates networking for people (writers, illustrators, editors, publishers, booksellers etc) involved in creating children’s literature. In my opinion, it is an amazing … Continue reading Why I’m Glad I Attended the SCBWI Mid-Year Workshop

Exciting Times + July Goals

OK. So I’m actually really excited about a few things. John and I are collaborating again An editor is interested in seeing the completed manuscript for one of my picture books I got 3 more rejections (totaling 8 for the year) I’ve decided to do a semi-regular book giveaway (starting this month) 1. A few weeks ago, John and I attended an SCBWI workshop. It was great to get out together for the day sans children. Thank you in-laws! I will be writing a separate post specifically about the conference, but we learned a lot and were inspired. It’s been … Continue reading Exciting Times + July Goals

March Writing Update

So I normally don’t toot my own horn, but I’m quite proud of myself. I hit every single one of my writing goals that I set last month. How about them apples! The biggest highlight of the month was participating in Madness! Poetry. What an absolute blast. I ended up losing in the 2nd round to a really good poet. But my poem about a dinosaur salon still won the kids’ vote, so I’m really happy about that. I would love to participate next year. Currently, the ‘Elite Eight’ are battling it out and voting is open. If you have a … Continue reading March Writing Update

February Update

February has been a good writing month despite the last week being a bit emotionally rocky. I don’t know if it’s postpartum, or just my normal ups and downs, but I’ve been a bit rough, and that’s okay. Overall, I am super happy with my progress. I am slowly finding ways to make time to get my butt in the chair and write. Mostly, this is between the hours of 10:30PM-3:30AM. It’s slow going, but I am improving. Here are a few things I was able to accomplish this past month: Wrote and submitted 3 poems Received 2 rejections Posted … Continue reading February Update

January Writing Update

As a way to be more accountable with my writing, I will give a quick little update here on the blog at the end of each month. This past month has been a success, I believe. I was able to attend an SCBWI writing conference in Miami, which was great. I took a picture book intensive at the conference from the marvelous Jane Yolen and her daughter Heidi Stemple. To be honest, I was a bit star struck. But once I was able to gather my wits, I was able to learn so much. If I had to pick the … Continue reading January Writing Update

NaNoWriMo Prep

It’s that time of year again! NanoWrimo! I always get a little excited at the possibility of drafting an entire novel in 30 days. I’ve tried the whole “pantsing” thing and I stink at it. I guess I like to know where my story is going ahead of time—even if I just use a loose outline. I already have my entire NanoWrimo novel outlined and ready to go for next month. My book idea is the same as last year’s: a girl visits Arches National Park with her family and discovers that the arches are actually portals to another world. … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Prep

Update + Some Inspiration

My march writing goals are going along quite well, although they have been slightly revised. John and I have restructured how we’re approaching Mobster Monsters–we’re sitting down and hashing out what each letter will be. This way I’m not writing a limerick that his illustrations have to conform to, and he’s not illustrating something that I then have to write a limerick for. We have our pow wow and then break, with each of us knowing what to do for each letter. So far, we have reached the letter K. So my revised goal for March is to get through … Continue reading Update + Some Inspiration

March Writing Goals

Confession–I have a super difficult time setting realistic goals. Its not that I have a hard time making goals. For example: Write a 50,000 word novel every month for a whole year? Sounds great! Wake up at 4:30AM to start writing (when I normally wake up at 8AM)? Sure! Don’t go to bed until I’ve written X number of words (usually something like 3,000 when I haven’t been writing at all)? Go for it! See? No problem whatsoever at setting goals. Its just the realistic ones that allude me. Hence why one of my writing resolutions this year is to … Continue reading March Writing Goals