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It’s Friday! And you know what that means: Poetry! Want to know more about Poetry Friday? Click this link right here. And be sure to check out Heidi Mordhorst’s blog, my juicy little universe, to see this week’s round up of wonderful poetry related posts, blogs and goodness.

I host Poetry Friday on March 22, which is fitting since it will be National Goof Off Day! If you are feeling so inspired, share a poem about goofing off with me next week!

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! This week, I wrapped up my participation in the Madness Poetry tournament. It is seriously one of the most fun things I do every year. I made it to the 2nd round, which was better than I did last year. The community and camaraderie surrounding the tournament are really what makes it so much fun.

The round 3 poems go live today and you can read them here. I do believe that there are still some Poetry Friday poets still in the running, so be sure to check out their poems and vote for your favorites.

Two years ago, I wrote a zombie poem that got me into round two of the tournament. This year, I wrote another undead poem about a haughty zombie king. Well apparently, I have a thing for the walking dead.

Since the application poems for the tournament aren’t available on the Madness site, I thought I’d share it here. I also thought it was fitting since National Goof Off Day isn’t until next week and it is about a diligent and hardworking zombie poet.

A Zombie’s Dream

I’ve always wanted to write a poem
Or maybe two or three
And join the annals of the duel
Called Madness! Poetry

But rot and decay have settled in
I don’t know what to do
My body’s falling all apart
My fingers—I’m down to two!

A poet’s life is never easy
That’s simply how it goes
So when I lose my final fingers
I’ll have to use my toes

© 2019 Rebecca Herzog

13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Braaiiinnns

  1. Sorry you didn’t make that next round, but congratulations on getting to Round Two! Love this application! “My fingers—I’m down to two!” I’ve noted your challenge for next week!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on your Madness Poetry success! I was involved the first few years, but not recently. That’s some stressful poetry-writing! Perfect time to goof off, now that you’ve left the brackets!

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    1. It really is a fun tournament to participate in. I don’t mind the face-paced nature of it, but it can definitely be stressful.


    1. Thanks, Michelle! Maybe they ate my brain long ago too and now I just do their bidding by writing zombie poetry!


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