IMWAYR – Favorites of 2018

UPDATE: Someone at Goodreads reached out to me and walked me through how to see my previous years’ Reading Challenges! The problem was that I was trying to access it via a mobile device, when you must do it through a desktop! Hooray!

We are well into the new year now, and I usually like to write a whole blog post analyzing my readings in the previous year. I was so excited to sit down and look at all my data only to realize that my 2018 Goodreads Challenge was gone! Apparently, Goodreads only lets you go back through the years that you completed your reading goal (I fell a few short of my 200 book goal). I know I could go back into my “read” category, and manually count all the books and everything, but I opted to make like Elsa and

I have since organized my Goodreads page into 42 anal-retentive categories, so this travesty will never happen again, gosh darn it. Why, yes, I am a nerd. And proud of it.

So here is my list of my favorite reads from 2018, in no particular order.

Board Books

Picture Books

Middle Grade

Graphic Novels


6 thoughts on “IMWAYR – Favorites of 2018

  1. I loved Big Cat, Little Cat, too!! My neighbor had just lost her cat weeks before I read it and it occurred to me what a wonderful gift it would have made during that rough time since it so sweetly reveals the cycle of life. I have been wanting to red The Girl Who Drank the Moon for months. I purchased it last year and since I didn’t read it in 2018, it’s now on my #MustReadin2019 list. YAY! I’ve also wanted to read Mary’s Monster and share it with hubby, so thanks for the reminder! Have a wonderful reading week, Rebecca!

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  2. Except for Monster Mama, I’ve read each one & enjoyed each thoroughly, too, Rebecca. I also loved Big Cat, Little Cat, love Elisha Cooper’s books very much.

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  3. La Catrina was a huge hit at our house with the toddlers here. Big Cat, Little Cat was one of my favourites too. I have Mary’s Monster on my list but haven’t gotten around to it. I loved Linda Bailey’s picture book biography, Mary, Who Wrote Frankenstein. Júlia Sardà’s illustratrations are gorgeously gothic. I loved it so much that I blogged about it here.

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  4. This is the first time I am hearing of Monster Mama – and I also adore Gammell’s art – so I must find this one soonest. Mary’s Monster was one of my greatest reads last year – so evocative and cleverly written.

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