It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 10/1/18


The weekly post where I recap some of the KidLit books I’ve been reading. Ocasionally, I’ll also talk about some adult fiction books as well.

Be sure to check out Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers to see what other Kidlit readers are reading. Because, you know, we can never have too many books in our TBR piles.

Picture Books

Whose Story Is This, Anyway?
written by Mike Flaherty
illustrated by Oriol Vidal
Sterling Children’s Books, 2016

We picked this one up from the library and we love it!We were all belly laughing every time we read it. The concept is cute, and it is the perfect book to really play up different voices for each new character.

The Town of Turtle
written by Michelle Cuevas
illustrated by Cátia Chien
HMH Books for Young Readers, 2018

I knew nothing about this book when I picked it up–just that I liked the cover. I was pleasantly surprised that it is basically a retelling of the World Turtle mythology! The only thing that I wish that it had was a bit of back matter on the mythology–where it comes from, the different cultures that believed it, etc. Definitely worth a read.

Off & Away
by Cale Atkinson
Disney-Hyperion, 2018

I. Loved. This. Book. The illustrations are beautiful and vibrant. I love the concept of a bottle message deliverer. And I like how Jo is able to overcome her fear. There is a lot of humor packed in there as well and it just makes for an all around fun read.

B Is for Baller: The Ultimate Basketball Alphabet
written by James Littlejohn
illustrated by Matthew Shipley
Triumph Books, 2018

This book is a lot of fun and a great way to learn more about basketball players. I grew up in the 90s, so I was obsessed with the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. This ABC picture book covers everyone from Larry Bird up to LaBron James. If you are into basketball, pick this one up.

Middle Grade

The Darkdeep
by Ally Condie & Brendan Reichs
Bloomsbury Children’s Books, 2018

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I like well-done creepy books for kids. Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs knock this one out of the park. You can read my full review here.

Adult Fiction

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters
by Emil Ferris
Fantagraphics 2017

*While I usually review books for kids, this graphic novel is, in my opinion, definitely not for kids.*

I had been looking up horror graphic novels, and I kept running into this one. I picked it up from the library and was surprised at how HUGE this book is. Not just in length, but in dimension as well. Each page is beautifully illustrated. And it is quite text heavy (which I really liked). As I was reading it, I kept marveling at the huge undertaking a book like this would be. The story is very strong, but it leaves on a fairly hefty cliffhanger, which isn’t always my favorite. I am hoping that the sequel will come out soon.

8 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 10/1/18

  1. I loved your description of both The Town of Turtle and Off & Away. I was about to say they were new to me, but when I went to add them they’re already on my list. LOL So I appreciate the reminder — I can now bump them on my list. Thank you for the warning on My Favorite Thing is Monsters. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Have a wonderful reading week, Rebecca!

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  2. I liked The Town of Turtle, too, & yes, it could have used some backmatter. I did some research & it helped. It’s a fun book for older readers. I have the Dark Deep on my list, maybe someday? It would be fun for this month near Halloween. I usually try to read one of the Branbury scary books at Halloween. Off & Away looks cute. Thanks for all, Rebecca.

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