IMWAYR | July 12, 2021

The weekly post where I recap some of the KidLit books I’ve been reading. Ocasionally, I’ll also talk about some adult fiction books as well.

Be sure to check out Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers to see what other Kidlit readers are reading. Because, you know, we can never have too many books in our TBR piles.

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by Brenna Thummler
(Oni Press, 2018)

I picked this one up because the sequel, Delicates, came on my radar. I am a huge fan of the intersection between the every day and the supernatural. Books where the plot stands firmly in realistic problems and settings but that magic or, in this case, ghosts are thrown into the mix. I felt like this one was heartfelt and a doesn’t talk down to its audience. I don’t limit what my 11yo daughter can read, but I did manage to read it before her as I had heard that it dealt with some more serious topics (death of a parent, depression). She ended up not reading it, but I think it would be fine for an older middle grade reader. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel.

Karma Moon: Ghost Hunter
by Melissa Savage
(Crown Books for Young Readers, 2021)

This cover caught my eye and I am so glad that I picked it up. I love when a spooky middle grade book is infused with all sorts of heart and Karma Moon is definitely one of those books. Karma’s flaws and struggles feel real and many kids will relate to her anxiety about what the future will bring. It is a ghost story, but at it’s core it is about a girl learning how to navigate her on anxiety and learning that she can do brave things even when she is scared.

Bling Blaine: Throw Glitter, Not Shade
written by Rob Sanders
illustrated by Letizia Rizzo
(Sterling Children’s Books, 2020)

Oh my goodness, I love this book. Actually, I really enjoy all of Rob Sanders’ books. This anti-bullying, differences-celebrating book is fantastic. The illustrations are bright and cute. I especially like how, because Blaine strives to be himself, others around him feel more comfortable to do so as well. .

Monster Trucks
written by Joy Keller
illustrated by Misa Saburi
(Henry Holt & Co., 2017)

I have no clue how this one flew beneath my radar for so long. It has two of my favorite things: puns and monsters. I love the illustrations and color palette. So what do monsters do when Halloween is over? They shift into a different gear and get to work driving monster trucks. Definitely a great book to read and re-read aloud to the little monsters in your life.

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4 thoughts on “IMWAYR | July 12, 2021

  1. What a great set of books! I read Sheets a few years back and enjoyed it—the art in particular is beautiful! Bling Blaine looks like a great picture book, and I’ve been meaning to pick up The Leak as well! Thanks so much for the great post!

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  2. Thanks for sharing these books today. I’ve added Bling Blaine to my list and am sad that my library doesn’t have it. Monster Trucks sounds hilarious – and the perfect Halloween title.
    I enjoyed the Mighty Heart of Sunny St James and hope you do too.

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  3. Lots of great books here. I never did read Sheets but it looked interesting, I may have to go back to find a copy. Monster Trucks sounds good too it is a stereotype, but I often have little guys that will try any book with trucks.
    I have Dark Waters in my e-ARC collection and fill try to read it in the next couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy it. I finally read book two about a week and a half ago. Have a great week!

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