Poetry Friday – Bones & Hags & Wraiths

It’s Friday! And you know what that means: Poetry! Want to know more about Poetry Friday? Click this link right here. And be sure to check out Janice’s blog, Salt City Verse, to see this week’s round up of wonderful poetry related posts, blogs and goodness. 

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! So, the Horror Writer’s Association just announced their first set of virtual “Horror University” workshops and I was so excited to see that they are offering a poetry class. Linda D. Addison, who recently won the HWA Lifetime Achievement Award, is teaching the workshop and I can’t wait! It should be a fun way to cap off my Poemtober month.

I got a little behind this past week so I have spent a few days catching up on my challenge. This means some shorter poetry forms to show. Funnily enough, I think I enjoyed my limerick the most. It gave me a chuckle, at least.

To see Day 1 of Poemtober 2020 click here. Last week I covered days 2-8, which you can see by clicking here. Today I’m sharing days 9-15.

prompt word: bones

Old Bones McGee
Couldn’t find his key
So he whittled one from
A chopped off thumb

© Becky Herzog, 2020

prompt word: specter

(I know my handwriting can be a bit hard to read so I’ve typed it up below)

specter visited
me last night. It
slid into my room
like a whisper
on a cold morning.
It floated above my
bed. I squeezed my
eyes shut. Hoping it
would just go away.
A cold brush across
my cheek. A whimper
escapes my mouth. What
do you want? Just some
body to play with.

© Becky Herzog, 2020

prompt word: hag

There once was a scary old hag
Whose bosoms had started to sag
With glue, twine, and tape
They took on more shape
And now on the ground they don’t drag

© Becky Herzog, 2020

prompt word: masks

We wear our masks
And transform into fiends.
Clever tricks and sweet treats to last
All year

© Becky Herzog, 2020

prompt word: howling

Over head silver moon.
Werewolf stalks you,
Licking its jowls.
In a moment,
No one will hear you scream.
Gone forever.

© Becky Herzog, 2020

prompt word: corpse


Your days are done, darkest foulest soul
No sun in the coldest deepest hole

© Becky Herzog, 2020

prompt word: wraith

Hooded, hungry
Stalking, tormenting, devouring
Malevolent, ghastly, spooky, friendly
Floating, haunting, relaxing
Transparent, chill

10 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Bones & Hags & Wraiths

  1. Another great edition of Poemtober, Becky. I really like the scary old hag poem whose not aging gracefully. Old Bones McGee is a good one also. That illustration is priceless. I bet children would love that one for its visual effects. Your illustrations placed together would make a great Halloween collage. I’m so glad to write alongside you. Unlike you I have only touched upon 1 word this week. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. Wow, you’ve done a lot, Becky! I like them all, spookier and spookier! And they’re varied, from a child’s scare to the limerick fun & that ‘corpse’ is downright terrifying! You’re going to have quite a collection at the end of the month!


  3. Hi Becky,
    I enjoyed your poems and you certainly rose to the occasion of Halloween poetry. Not a Horror genre fan myself I am too much of a scaredy-cat from long ago. Nice to be able to enjoy some variations on a theme and your clever last line: I want some body to play with. Ghoulish but not too creepy.
    Janet Clare F.


  4. Rebecca, I’m so glad I came back to Poetry Friday in time to read your funny and well-crafted poetry tributes to the season. Love these!


  5. Love that Old Bones McGee! We could use a clever handyman like that around here. 😀 And speaking of clever, it’s impressive that you were able to “catch up”, Becky. Not easy with these poem-a-day challenges, especially with double duty—art AND poems.


  6. I continue to be SO impressed with your poems and art! And yes, your limerick is a hoot! I like that you wrote about ‘Old Bones McGee’…being an old bones Magee myself. (Magee without the c, but no thumbs will be harmed by me.) Hee hee. 😉


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