Book Review – Mary Graphic Novel

Mary: The Adventures of Mary Shellley’s Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter
written by Brea Grant
illustrated by Yishan Li
(Six Foot Press, October 6, 2020)

At a Glance


Young Adult Paranormal Graphic Novel

Age Range:


From the Publisher:

“Angsty teenager Mary Shelley is not interested in carrying on her family’s celebrated legacy of being a great writer, but she soon discovers that she has the not-so-celebrated and super-secret Shelley power to heal monsters, just like her famous ancestor, and those monsters are not going to let her ignore her true calling anytime soon.” (source)


  • Loved the premise
  • sequel potential
  • artwork is fun and detailed

Full Review

I requested this book on Netgalley because the cover caught my eye and the premise intrigued me. I am a huge fan of Mary Shelley so the idea of seeing what her 7th generation granddaughter was up to sounded like a lot of fun. And I was glad to see that it more than met my expectations!

I thought it was neat how the author was able to work in three big elements from the original Frankenstein novel. First, that Mary Shelley wrote it. In this graphic novel, Shelley’s daughters and granddaughters were all famous writers. Second, the spooky element of monsters. And third, the science part of it. Not only can Mary see the monsters but her power is to be a monster doctor. I thought that was a great connection to the sci-fi element of the original Frankenstein.

I thought that the illustrations would wonderfully spooky and atmospheric. The art style fit perfectly vibe of the story.

My only complaint was that it was short! I found myself wanting to read more. But I guess this is a good thing. I sure hope that there will be multiple sequels with this fun characters. I can’t wait to read more.

Final Verdict

If you’re a fan of Mary Shelley and are looking for a quick, atmospheric graphic novel, make sure to give this one a read.

Shop the book above and support me and local Indies:
Mary: The Adventures of Mary Shelley’s Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter by Brea Grant and Yishan Li

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