IMWAYR | September 7, 2020

The weekly post where I recap some of the KidLit books I’ve been reading. Ocasionally, I’ll also talk about some adult fiction books as well.

Be sure to check out Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers to see what other Kidlit readers are reading. Because, you know, we can never have too many books in our TBR piles.

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Just Finished

The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen
written by Thelma Lynne Godin
illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton
(Lee & Low Books, 2014)

I never learned how to hula hoop–my hips always try to go the wrong way. I was super excited to find this one at the library and it was wonderful. I especially enjoyed the ending. And my daughter always gets a kick out of anything involving a hula-hoop because I am so terrible at it. This is a beautiful book.

The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish
written by Lil Miss Hot Mess
illustrated by Olga De Dios
(Running Press Kids, 2020)

I am so incredibly thrilled to find this one at my local library–and that it was on hold. It is currently my kids’ favorite picture to read. They will randomly walk around the house singing the song while shimmying their shoulders and stomping their feet. The illustrations are so fun and vibrant. It is a fun take on the original nursery song.

Added to My TBR

Shop the books above and support me and local Indies:

Scritch Scratch by Lindsay Currie
The Dark Matter of Mona Starr by Laura Lee Gulledge
The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen by Thelma Lynne Godin (author) and Vanessa Brantley-Newton (illustrator)
The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish by Lil Miss Hot Mess (author) and Olga De Dios (illustrator)
Plymouth Rocks: The Stone-cold Truth by Jane Yolen (author) and Sam Streed (illustrator)
Front Desk by Kelly Yang
Fangsgiving by Ethan Long

5 thoughts on “IMWAYR | September 7, 2020

  1. The Hoola-Hoopin’ Queen sounds fun. I can hoola hoop, but not for a very long. I always wanted to be one of those people who could keep it going for a good amount of time. Living in Massachusetts, I’m curious about Plymouth Rocks! and what the book tells about that history.

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  2. I have a couple of granddaughters who will love that “The Hips of the Drag Queen go Swish, Swish, Swish” & I think I told you last week, I am so looking forward to Scritch Scratch! Have a great week!

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  3. I don’t even remember adding Scritch Scratch to my list before it was published, so I’m glad you reminded me of this one. I am really drawn to book covers and this one looks just perfect for a fun fall read! My husband is reading Front Desk with our tween right now — he seems to be enjoying it, so far. Thanks for all the shares, Rebecca!

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  4. It’s so wonderful that books like The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish now exist to show kids that drag queens, and diversity in general, are normal and great! I never learned to hula-hoop either, but The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen sounds fun! Also, I haven’t read Front Desk, but if you read YA, Yang’s book Parachutes is stunningly amazing, heartbreaking, and informative. Thanks for the great post!


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