Poetry Friday – Summer Poetry Swaps

It’s Friday! And you know what that means: Poetry! Want to know more about Poetry Friday? Click this link right here. And be sure to check out Poetry for Children to see this week’s round up of wonderful poetry related posts, blogs and goodness. 

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! It feels like forever since I have participated in a Poetry Friday! The summer months always pass in a blur of sunscreen, pool trips, and lazy days.

I have also been busy trying to finish a creepy MG manuscript. I am getting close, but it will probably be a few more weeks before I am able to post with any sort of regularity again. I hope to do some spooky October themed poems again this year.

But I did want to share all the amazing poetry goodness I received throughout the summer from my poetry swaps! It was always a delight to go to the mailbox and get these treasures! So thank you to those who sent them and thank you to Tabatha Yeatts for organizing the swap!

I loved starting out my swaps with this beautiful poem by Margaret about summer mornings.

Falling in Love with a Summer Morning
by Margaret Simon

On this early summer day,
the birds loudly proclaim
their place in the world;
Quick staccato tweets
accent the rising sun
as in a minuet.

I soak in the golden light
keeping time with my walking.
In the distance, the geese call
to the fisherman
lazily laying out his line,
“We are here. We are here!”
©Margaret Simon, 2019

Here is an article that inspired Ruth’s awesome, sloth-filled poem.

by Ruth Hersey

Enormous giant sloths were once
at home on planet Earth,
Long before their great-great-great-great-great-great
grandson’s birth.

Those guys weighed 8000 pounds
but Tiny less than one;
They lumbered through the grass in herds
but he was all alone.

Someone found him on the beach,
Without his mommy, crying.
A Human mommy fed him
to keep two-toed T from dying.

She Held him close against her chest
and carried him all day;
Did he think she was his mommy
as he dozed his time away?

This fuzzy mammal baby
is anything but lazy;
He may move kind of slowly
but he also grows like crazy.

Take a nap, dear Tiny,
dream of your family tree.
When you awake, keep eating
to be all that you can be.
©Ruth Hersey, 2019

Iphigene combed through my blog and came up with the following words to inspire her poem: Creepy Stuff, Depression, Nature, Sloth. I love what she came up with.

I would find you nestled
among the foliage of your fog
long, spindly finders
hanging in quiet satisfaction
waiting for tomorrow.

Maybe that’s all there is –
tomorrow falling between
our days and promises
that all things pass: the scary,
the sad and the lazy.

Filling a basket full of joy
tiny moments that make up
for days tucked into
tree branches,
sturdy roots, and
brave beating hearts

this is how we laugh
over the strange darkness
of haunted places
and despairing thoughts,
to befriend it
with fascination.

waiting for light
creeping in – between leaves and
shut eyes
we hang and hold
in the branches of our
sloth-like mind.
©Iphigene, 2019

Emily Young wrote me a poem about attending a yoga class after a long hiatus. I am thinking I may have to put aside my own worries and give a class a whirl.

by Emily Young

Check in, front desk
New faces start
Regular clients shuffle in behind me
As I wait for this exclusive admission

Eyes silently examine
Mouths discuss how dangerous sugary drinks are
“Oh I only EVER get ONE pump of mocha a Starbucks”
Of course…

Long hallway
White walls, Shiny floor
Like an airport terminal
Or prison

Lockers clang shut as I pack my things away
All except my battered Hydroflash
And shredded Fire Below mat
To impress the upper middle class white ladies next to me

My dented possessions are like
My practice
My flexibility
My confidence

My life is dented
Just like everyone else’s
Some of us try to cover up the
Flaw with tans, and brand name closets

While others flaunt them
Alongside a faulty Downward Dog
©Emily Young, 2019

And last, but not least, I received a package of goodies from the wonderful Linda Baie. She managed to capture how I felt about my summer perfectly.

Clock Watching
by Linda Baie

Summer yawned before us in June.
We leapt into time spent our way,
with neighborly talks,
July outside walks
On the shore enjoying the spray.

Days filled with flights or blue highways,
Picnics with family and friends.
Gardens are growing
Because we are knowing
How quick summer slops to its end.

Earth at its maximum tilt
Brought hours full of buttery sun.
Yet weeks circle by,
Now we give a sigh
At the signs summer’s had its full run.
©Linda Baie, 2019

8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Summer Poetry Swaps

  1. I keep seeing more and more ‘sloth’ toys, in our science museum shop especially! Did you know? I love the other poems you received, Rebecca: Margaret’s poem brings the first joys of summer back & Ruth’s sloth reflection along with Iphigene’s sloth response then Emily’s ‘call’ to doing something new. Now it seems that ending with mine is appropriate here at summer’s end. Enjoy the slide down to autumn!


  2. Rebecca, your summer poetry swaps are full of deep emotions like this stanza from Imogenphigene:
    this is how we laugh
    over the strange darkness
    of haunted places
    Actually, the others were wonderful too. There is so much goodness in this grouping. I would want to take all these poems and read and reread them for their word choice.
    and despairing thoughts,
    to befriend it
    with fascination
    or these lines from Margaret’s words: Quick staccato tweets
    accent the rising sun
    as in a minuet.


  3. These are all delightful! I hope you had a fabulous summer and that the finishing touches on your manuscript just flow from your fingertips. I can’t wait to hear more about it, and hopefully read some more creepy October poems.


  4. Love the photo of the “swaps bounty” and Iphigene’s idea to comb through your blog for key words and phrases for her poem. NEAT!


  5. Sorry to be late to the party! I love the endings here in particular — some very satisfying last lines — and the wonderful breadth of topics and tones. Good luck with your creepy manuscript 🙂


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