Poetry Friday – Artichoke Poetry Swap

It’s Friday! And you know what that means: Poetry! Want to know more about Poetry Friday? Click this link right here. And be sure to check out Reading to the Core to see this week’s round up of wonderful poetry related posts, blogs and goodness.
Hello and Happy Poetry Friday everyone! I hope that you have had a marvelous week. Mine has been filled with ups and downs, but mostly ups.
One of the highlights of my week was the poetry swap package I received from Jone Rush MacCulloch. She wrote me a beautiful poem about artichokes. I had no idea that the artichoke was a species of thistle! And the thistle is my 2nd favorite flower (behind the dandelion). I just love how prickly they are, but how vibrant and beautiful the purples can be.
Thank you, Jone for the poem! I am keeping it on my fridge so I can smile everyday.
purple glory globe
hidden bee
seeks pollen
explorers on our journey
seeking life’s nectar
jone rush macculloch

18 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Artichoke Poetry Swap

  1. How cool that dandelions and thistles are your favorite flowers! I like both of those, and clover (especially red). Weeds are underrated :-)”Explorers on our journey” is lovely, and so is keeping poems on the fridge!


  2. Oh, that is a knock-out poem. I'm with Irene. 'purple glory globe' is perfect and makes me want to come in for a closer look.By any chance, have you received another little swap….perhaps the colors of blue and gray? I hope so. If not, let me know.


  3. Artichokes have the most beautiful flower, and Jone takes most beautiful pictures, writes those images to “see” them more than the picture. That “purple glory globe” is wonderful.


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