It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 3/19/2018


The weekly post where I recap some of the KidLit books I’ve been reading. Ocasionally, I’ll also talk about some adult fiction books as well.

Be sure to check out Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers to see what other Kidlit readers are reading. Because, you know, we can never have too many books in our TBR piles.

Picture Books

They All Saw a Cat
by Brendan Wenzel
This is an extremely clever and accessible way to teach children about different perspectives. And it is just all around fun. Definitely worth checking out!
Every Day Birds
written by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
illustrated by Dylan Metrano
A wonderful read, this book introduces children to 20 common birds found in many places in the USA. The cutout paper illustrations are gorgeous and the back matter is excellent.
My Beautiful Birds
by Suzanne Del Rizzo
Suzanne Del Rizzo captures both the heartbreak and hope so many refugees carry. The mixed media illustrations are unique and help set this book apart.
Rot: The Cutest in the World!
by Ben Clanton
I love it when a book is able to pull off a great unexpected ending. You know a twist is coming, but then it is executed in such a great and unexpected way. We all chuckled at this one and my 8yo daughter has reread it to her little brother multiple times.

5 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 3/19/2018

  1. Both of these bird books look delightful. Have you read My Book of Birds by Geraldo Valério? The illustrations are so gorgeous, I used the one of the owl to create a fabric wall hanging as a gift for a friend who is crazy about owls. I loved that ending in Rot also!


  2. I can't wait to read Rot. They All Saw a Cat is so cute, too. And I absolutely LOVED My Beautiful Birds!! It was recommended to me to read King of the Sky along with My Beautiful Birds. So I'll be reviewing that one next week. Have a wonderful reading week!


  3. I still haven't read Rot, but love each of the others, all lovely in unique ways. They All Saw A Cat was brilliant in its approach, creative learning about birds in Everyday Birds, and a heartbreaker in My Beautiful Birds. Glad to see your reviews.


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