Poetry Friday – Cherita

It’s Friday! And you know what that means: Poetry! Want to know more about Poetry Friday? Click this link right here. And be sure to check out Check It Out to see this week’s round up of wonderful poetry related posts, blogs and goodness.
This past week Carol Varsalona posted the art piece below as prompt for the February Poetry Challenge. The 1st poem is what I came up with originally while thinking of sleep training my son. I changed the last line as I have been pondering the shooting here in Florida (a few hours away from me). I am generally not an angry person and it takes a lot for me to really get upset. But today, I have nothing constructive to say, so I’ll just leave you with my meager poems.
(c) Bessie Pease Gutman
After bringing you home
Snuggles and cuddles
And gentle kisses.
Now its time
To sleep,
Pretty please?
After bringing you home
Snuggles and cuddles
And gentle kisses.
No one should ever
Have to bury
Their own child.


8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Cherita

  1. Oh my, no. No one should have to bury their own child, especially for gun violence which could be reduced greatly if we put our minds to it. The juxtaposition of your two endings is powerfu.


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