2017 Reading in Review

I cannot believe that 2017 passed so quickly! I always enjoy looking back at all the books that I read and sharing my favorites. I am super proud to say that I accomplished almost all of my reading goals for the year. Here’s a recap:

2017 Goals:

  • Read 52 books total – Completed 53 NOT including all the picture books I read
  • Read 4 nonfiction books – I did complete 3 though, which is 300% more than in 2016
  • Read 8 graphic novels – Crushed this one with 11 total
  • Read 4 books in genres that I do not usually read – a play, a verse novel, a biography, and a self-help
  • Read 4 books originally written in a non-English speaking country – I did read three–one from Japan (Yours Sincerely, Giraffe), one from Spain (Meddling Kids, although it was written in English, not translated), and a picture book written and illustrated in Italy (Professional Crocodile).


2017 stats:

13 Adult Fiction
15 Middle Grade
11 Graphic Novels
7 Young Adult
3 Nonfiction
3 Chapter Books
1 Poetry Collection
Tons of Picture Books (I did not track this in 2017, but it was a lot)




Reading Goals for 2018:

  • Read 200 books, with at least 52 of them being chapter books or above (this is basically the same goal as 2017, but I want to track my picture book/early readers in 2018)
  • Read 4 nonfiction books
  • Read 4 contemporary fiction books
  • Read 4 books in genres that I normally do not read
  • Read 25 of Jane Yolen’s books as this year her 365th book will be published (you could read one a day if you wanted!)

Favorite Books of 2017

(click on the image to see them on Amazon)

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