Poetry Friday – Walking in a Sloth-y Wonderland


It’s Friday! And you know what that means: Poetry! Want to know more about Poetry Friday? Click this link right here. And be sure to check out Buffy’s Blog to see this week’s round up of wonderful poetry related posts, blogs and goodness.
Phew! It feels like it has been forever since I have written anything here on the blog. It feels like am playing catch up on everything!
NaNoWriMo went really well. While I didn’t get to 50k words, I did my personal best and finished with around 10,000 words for the month. That’s a pretty big accomplishment for me, and I am happy with it.
November was hectic as we had two Thanksgivings–one in Orlando with my in-laws and then we drove to Tennessee to visit the other side of the family. It was so fun spending quality time with everyone. But I brought a nasty cold back with me to FL. So I spend the end of November and beginning of December sick, and then taking care of my husband and kids as they each took a turn with the bug. I’m glad everyone is feeling better and that that is out of the way!
Because of the chaos, I’ve been feeling a bit behind and scrambled getting ready for Christmas. And then I got something in the mail that absolutely brightened my day! Donna Smith over at Mainly Write got my name for the Winter Poetry Swap and she sent me one of the most thoughtful gifts ever.
I. LOVE. Sloths. And Donna sent me an epic sloth package.
seriously, where did she find SLOTH bookmarks?!? So cool
I also love, love, love to read, so these little bookmarks are perfect. I have been wanting to try out this magnetic style of bookmark for ages. My 7yo daughter is always “borrowing” my bookmarks, so I like that there are duplicates of each little sloth. I did go and buy my daughter some little pony bookmarks as a stocking stuffer in hopes that my sloths don’t disappear though.
Donna also sent me a genuine Maine rock that she painted beautifully. He has found a permanent home among my other sloth friends at my desk.


The poem that Donna wrote was also perfect and just what I needed to read. With things being so crazy during this season, it made me think that I need to be more like the sloth–slow down and enjoy life. The cookies will get baked, the presents will get wrapped–I just need to slow down and savor it all. Thank you, Donna, again (and thank you Tabatha for organizing the swap)!
With fuzzy smile
to give me style,
I’m a slow-toed sloth,
A friend to moth.
Disguised, unseen
Through algae green,
In canopy
I slowly creep.
Nails click-cling
And I’m a sling
To hang around
A branch I’ve found.
I love to chill
By lying still,
But in a pinch
I’ll move an inch.
©  Donna JT Smith

10 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Walking in a Sloth-y Wonderland

  1. Oh, wonderful! I love that Donna put that science in, 'through algae green' and on. I visit a large stuffed sloth in the gift shop of our science museum; it is darling, like your “bed” of sloths. Did you know that's what a group of them is called? Merry Christmas, Rebecca!


  2. What a bounty of sloth treasures! Thanks for sharing Donna's poem (I didn't know that moths hid in a sloth's algae–that's a delightful nugget hidden in her poem.) And congratulations on the 10,000 NaNoWriMo words!


  3. Sitting in Northern Maine, just off the coast of Canada this morning, with oatmeal cooking and waiting for the 10 inches of snow to start accumulating! Thanks for sharing the poem and other gifts – I had a blast doing it! Wish I'd seen “bed” in my researching…that could have been tucked in there so easily! Oh, well…another day!Merry Christmas! I'm celebrating on Thursday when family and we are home again.


  4. Painting rocks is very challenging– I love Donna's sloth, and “in a pinch/I'll move an inch.” Sounds like Nov/Dec was a mixed bag of words, family, illness, and sloths. 🙂 Hope 2018 treats you well!


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