Mighty Jack and the Goblin King – MG Graphic Novel Review

 Mighty Jack and the Goblin King
by Ben Hatke

At a Glance


Fairy Tale, Middle Grade graphic novel

Age Range:

7-12 years old


When Jack and Lilly race through a portal to save Jack’s captured sister, they find a magical world filled with giants and goblins. Even with their magic beans, they have a tough time beating their foes. When things are looking hopeless, Jack turns to the Giant King for help.



  • I like that Goblin King picks right up where Mighty Jack (#1) left off
  • Again, the artwork is fantastic and moves the story along clearly and beautifully
  • The story is compelling and fresh
  • I like the stinger at the end


  • There were one or two parts that I wish would have lingered a little longer

Would I recommend this title:

100% yes!

Full Review

Rarely are the sequels as good as the first in the series. This is one of those rare times. I read the two books back to back so I appreciated that book 2 picked right up where the 1st left off. The storytelling was just as compelling. The characters are fleshed out, so they didn’t feel cardboardy and stock. Again, my daughter read this one right after me (she is 7) and she really enjoyed it as well. Immediately she wanted to know if there were other books. I enjoyed the epilogue which felt like a stinger at the end of the credits of a super hero movie. I will definitely be checking out Ben Hatke’s other books.

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