Poetry Friday – Crazy Kids

It’s Friday! And you know what that means: Poetry! Want to know more about Poetry Friday? Click this link right here. And be sure to Laura’s page, Writing the World for Kids, to see this week’s round up of wonderful poetry related posts, blogs and goodness.
It is a good thing that October is in sight because I feel like a zombie. it’s 8:45pm and I’m falling asleep writing this post! So it’s going to be a short one this week.
I have been prepping for my newest challenge: Inktober. I am no artist, but I like to doodle. So, I’ve decided to write a short poem each day in October and then draw something to go along with it. I’ll be posting a bit more in detail tomorrow, but I am excited to have some fun with it.
Speaking of zombies, I stumbled across an interesting poetry book: Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum. The whole book is written in haiku snippets and takes the reader on the journey of a guy who has been bitten and is turning into a zombie. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but it seems like it’s right up my alley. Here is one of haiku’s from the book:
Biting into heads 
is much harder than it looks. 
The skull is feisty.
© Ryan Mecum, 2008
I decided to write my own haiku of what has turned me into a zombie this week.
Sweet angelic babe
Banshee-wails throughout the night
Parents never sleep
© Rebecca Herzog, 2017
My daughter read it over my shoulder as I was writing and insisted that I also write one about her and her love for video games (she wants to be a game designer and voice actor when she grows up). So I obliged.
There once was a girl who liked games
Who quickly won all the acclaim
With daring and poise
She beat all the boys
And now she has fortune and fame
© Rebecca Herzog, 2017
I hope that everyone’s week has gone well and that you have a spectacular beginning of October. It’s my favorite.

11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Crazy Kids

  1. This reminds me when my middle child was constantly singing “All I want to do is eat your brain, I'm not unreasonable.” I thought he'd never stop. Now he has, and I can't remember the next line for the life of me. He must have sang it hundreds of times before he finally stopped. I bow before the mighty power of my brain to push right out things I don't like to think about. They are just GONE! LOL (Or I'm going senile. Also possible.)


  2. Zombies, oh my! They aren't my favorite topic, but I just might enjoy that bit of haiku. I enjoyed both of your poems about your kids. Hang in there, and sleep will come again…until they keep you up until they come home at night.


  3. I'm not really into zombies – so that haiku doesn't get a nibble from me. 😉 But I did love your two poems for your kiddos. They're keepers!


  4. Aww. I read that zombie book–love the concept!–a few years ago, but it didn't quite work for me somehow. I adore your poem about what has turned you into a zombie. Everyone says these days fly, but when you're in them–not so much! Great poem for your daughter, too!


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