New Opponent, New Word

Everyone is probably sick of me talking about the Madness! Poetry tournament, but I’m going to write a post about it anyway.

The first round went even better than I had hoped. Marileta Robinson was a fierce competitor, but somehow I was able to come out on top. Even though we were given two different words (stalwart and albeit) and no topic, both of our poems ended up having dancing elements in them. And both had some punny endings. 🙂 You can read them both here.

In round 2, I’ll be facing off against Michele Krueger, a poet teacher in California! That’s not intimidating!

My new word is clientele. What on earth am I going to write for that one? We shall see. We’re heading up to Orlando tonight and then it’s off to Disney World for my birthday tomorrow. I probably won’t have much time to edit the poem tomorrow, so here’s to hoping I’ll be able to get the bulk of it done tonight. Poems are due Sunday bright and early (for me) at 8:00AM.

Voting for round 2 opens Sunday afternoon and goes through Tuesday. I will be sure to keep everyone posted.

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