Art Drop Day 2017

So this past Tuesday was World Art Drop Day and was my first time participating. I had a fun time playing with my gel plate. I happened to have a turtle stencil, so that worked out great. Since I am primarily a writer, I decided to include a poem with my art. You can read my poetry post here. Of course, I had to hide it where kids could find out more about turtles. I am excited for someon to discover it.   Continue reading Art Drop Day 2017

The Power of a Public Library

I was incredibly blessed to have grown up in a town that had a fantastic public library. I remember when we moved to Venice, Florida: I was going into 4th grade and The Pagemaster had come out the Thanksgiving before. We drove past the library for the first time on our way to check out the school that summer. My faced was plastered against the back window as I drooled. “Its just like the library from The Pagemaster!” I thought. Of course, looking at it now, the Venice public library doesn’t physically look like the one in the movie, but, to my … Continue reading The Power of a Public Library