Poetry Friday – Summer Solstice

It’s Friday! And you know what that means: Poetry! Want to know more about Poetry Friday? Click this link right here. And be sure to check A Word Edgewise see this week’s round up of wonderful poetry related posts, blogs and goodness. 

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! I cannot believe that we are officially into summer! Living here in Florida, I sure do miss the change in seasons. But I can swim at the beach year round, so I can’t complain.

I was thinking of making these flower crowns with the kiddos, but I am not sure where I could find wildflowers near where we live. Things are so buggy and scrubby and snake-y here in Florida, that I don’t trek out into the wilderness like I used to when I lived out west. We may pick a few more things off of this list to try this year.

Midsummer’s Eve

Bonfires bloom
with summer heat
as we dance
in flower crowns
© Rebecca Herzog, 2019

15 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – Summer Solstice

    1. I have been road tripping the past few days and I have been seeing tons of wildflowers here in Tennessee. They are so beautiful!


  1. I like the pairing of photo and poetry that you designed, Rebecca. This combo brings me back to my daughter’s childhood when we fashioned floral crowns. She actually wore one for her Communion. Now I will get to find one for my granddaughter. Are you interested in offering your image poem for a summer gallery of mine?

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  2. I celebrated the solstice (and our first dry day in many days) by weeding the garden! It looks so much better now! Bring on the sunshine! Bring on the butterflies and bees!


  3. While I worked todayI thought about it being the first day of summer and what it means. I love your poem about bonfires and flower crowns. Here in British Columbia we are also celebrating Indigenous Day. I’m planning on heading out to listen to some drumming and getting connected to the heartbeat of the land.

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  4. I remember making daisy chain crowns in the hills of Vermont one summer. 🙂 Also the flower crown that my parents bought for me at my first Renaissance Faire. Like Irene, you poem made me think of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Becky. It’s got that ethereal, dreamy vibe going for it.

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    1. Thanks, Michelle! I haven’t been to a renaissance Faire in ages! I know there is one nearby in the fall. I think I may try to take the kiddos this year.


  5. I’m with you on watching the seasons change from a distance in my tropical home. This year I’m further north for a few weeks, and I’m enjoying that, but I do love the tropics too. Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

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